Sales Pipe Insight is removing the uncertainty from our pipeline and making accurate forecasting a reality.

Owen Nisbett, Finance Director, GDCM


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Sales Pipe Insight provides the revenue insight Directors need to run a successful business. Implementing Sales Pipe Insight enables you to make your important business decisions based on quantitative and objective information rather than qualitative and subjective data.

Business benefits:

Objective forecasting

  • Rather than relying on subjective sales department forecasts – which benchmark research shows are often gamed or otherwise wind up being inaccurate – the expert system at the core of Sales Pipe Insight intelligently projects your sales based on your historic sales performance and current trends to deliver a totally objective view of the revenue forecast. It is reliable, consistent and dramatically reduces management time, effort and conflict in getting it produced.

Improved forecasting accuracy

  • Increased shareholder/stakeholder confidence because expectations are set where they can be met therefore reducing the time needed managing shareholders and stakeholders as your results are predictable – no surprises

Improved predictability

  • Better, earlier business decisions because sales predictions are more reliable – enabling management to confidently invest in new projects and business opportunities with the full knowledge that the funds will be available to support them.

Improved conversion rates

  • More certain future revenue by focusing on sales that can be won – scarce sales and management resources are spent where they have maximum return on time invested bringing in the deals that are most likely to close.
  • A clear understanding of the quality of sales execution, sales process management and the sales process itself drives sales process improvement – optimising field sales management time and costs.

Better resource utilisation

  • Reduced risk through better cash management. Investment, when required, is planned for and not ‘scrabbled’ for at the last moment or even worse provided when not required. This means that you are reducing/optimising operating costs related to the monies coming from your funding sources
  • The ability to grasp opportunities because of greater confidence in the fundamentals of the business – means that critical business initiatives are not starved of cash when they most need it
  • By providing improved information and the marketing and support resources the sales organisation need when they need them, then they will be better able and motivated to succeed this will result in improved sales and profit levels and lower staff attrition as staff will be well compensated
  • Unlocking the data within your current CRM / SFA system improves the return on investment from purchasing
  • Sales Pipe Insight is a Salesforce Add-on that is configured cost effectively in days rather than months with no disruption to your existing systems

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sales pipe insight for the AppExchange

  • Access Board-level reports at the push of a button
  • Make informed decisions about cash planning, revenue forecasting and investment
  • Encourage sales process best practice and identify data quality issues
  • Expose weaknesses and drive improvements in your sales process
  • Review historical trends and project sales up to two years ahead