Sales Pipe Insight enables our board to get a concise and accurate view of our sales progress. It generates information that directly contributes towards our strategy development.

Kevin McGrath, CFO, Valista


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No more wasted and inconclusive discussions about individual prospects. No more second-guessing of the truth behind the revenue forecast; just up-to-date facts and historical information that enable you to quickly and easily identify trends, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities. With a balanced view of your business you can build a real understanding of your sales performance and what action is necessary to improve it. Invest your valuable time and effort where it will really make a difference.

Corporate forecasting using executive dashboards

You can plan for the future by assessing the implications of changes such as adjustments in your win/loss percentage and increased slippage. And if you want more detail, Sales Pipe Insight gives it to you. You can drill down to see exactly where each prospect is in the sales process and what actions have been taken to close the sale. This focus will improve both your sales conversion rates and the resulting revenue. No other system gives you more, which is why big four auditors say that it is the best sales pipeline reporting tool that they have ever seen.

With the fiduciary responsibilities of Board directors even more important in a downturn, Sales Pipe Insight is a strategic business intelligence tool that shows you that you have done all you can to base decisions on accurate data.

This is management reporting at its best. Easy to access, distribute and to understand, Sales Pipe Insight delivers actionable information early and automatically, enabling you to make accurate revenue and cash forecasting a reality.

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