We now have data that is digestible, with a clear picture of our pipeline and forecast accuracy. I can't imagine how we ran sales without it.

Craig McDonald, COO and SVP Sales, Valista


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Sales pipeline management and forecasting software

Assess the performance of your team, and improve sales effectiveness, with immediate access to individual and group sales information, supported by historical trend analysis that allows you to check the accuracy of your own, and their forecasts. See possible shortfalls early – and identify data quality issues to enable you to increase sales productivity and results by promoting best practice throughout the business.

Board level sales reporting on demand

Create Board reports in seconds, freeing your time to address the real business issues and enabling you to go to the Board with a pro-active plan that clearly demonstrates that you are in control. Sales Pipe Insight unlocks the value in your sales force automation system, allowing you to finally realise the full potential of the information within your business. You get improved productivity, more sales and more bonuses for the sales team, and reduced staff attrition.

Measure sales performance accurately and easily

There is a fundamental flaw in the way the majority of sales force automation systems and sales tracking software systems operate. They only tell you where the sales exec thinks they are in the sales process, but do not highlight what has (or has not) been done in order to get there. As part of the setup process for Sales Pipe Insight, event-oriented milestones that measure progress in the particular market and sales environment of your company are determined, then tracked automatically. Visually summarised in The Blue Chart™, this provides a much more granular view of the sales process for use by sales management and the individual sales exec, giving you visual insight you can act upon.

Improve sales effectiveness

You know the old adage – once you can measure it, you can fix it. With a more granular view of the progress of each sales opportunity you can easily identify critical gaps in the sales process and take action to complete the missing steps, or prioritise your effort and focus your attention on the better qualified opportunities that you know you can win.

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Milestones tell you what has been done